Looking for a Game?

You are at this site to find a game or tournament.  So what should you do?  Follow these steps:

  • Do a search for Games or Tournaments.  Click on the "Search for Game/Tournament" on the left navigation bar.
  • If you can't find what you are looking for, then you can add your information to the database.  By doing this, you make your information available to other coaches/teams that are looking for games.
  • Click on "Add Game/Tournament"
  • Simply fill out the form by entering your teams appropriate information.
  • Use the Start and End Date to specify what time frame you are looking for a game.

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bballgames.com is always open to suggestions/comments on ways to make the site a better tool.  We want to become the premier site for searching for basketball games and tournaments.  Coaches, enter your team into the Team Directory.  This will allow other coaches to contact you for AAU scrimmage games/tournaments, HGBL practice games etc....